Becoming (with Osyrus Bolly)

from by Jessica Lauren

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In this tiny little box, I hold the key to all the world.
I'm a goddess, and a lion, and a silly little girl.
At once I start to wonder if I'm real or if I'm dead.
I count my fingers, pinch my skin, and shake my spinnin' head.
I walk out into nothing and see all around me's dark.
I look for you but can't see through. There's not even a spark.
Float off into nothingness. Nothing can touch me here.
It closes in and I begin to settle into fear.

Fear becomes my peace and all is upside down.
I'm not afraid. My bed is made. My smile is now a frown. (2x)

In this tiny little box, I hold the key to all the world.
I'm the ocean, and the heavens, and a shiny little pearl.
At once I start to wonder if you're here or If I'm wrong.
I push, and scream, and cry for you; and then I know you're gone.
All I feel is sadness and I've fallen like a shower.
The darkness here is tragic but the sadness is its power.
The silence here is magic and it's music to my ears.
I float off in the nothingness. Nothing can touch me here.

It closes in and I begin to

I found peace, press a button, let the top back.
All this magic in the moment, yeah I need a top hat.
It ain't picture perfect so I had to crop that.
Refocus, clean house, yo where da mop at?
I don't feel nothin' but the feelin' of a new day.
It's somethin' like a stockin' cap. We trynta make new waves.
With a easy bake oven, I could make a souffle'.
Lotta thrax in my e-z wider like touche'
Call me irresponsible--Michael Buble.
Never care whatchu say, My flaws cool with groupies.
I understand my verse is worth a few grands,
So you gotta call up my name to getchu some fans.
Swing back like a tether ball, same outfit,
Just cut from a better cloth.
Same song but the treble off
I just want a thick skin, no worries, at no cost...
In my ticker tape parade as I float off.

Now all is as it seems.
It was once just make believe.
Now I fall into the dark,
Let the fear wash over me,
With a joy that's heaven sent.
Happy just to be content.
Fall into this love with myself
and I'll never repent...

From Goethe's Faust (Part II)
"And thus it is, when hope with earnest striving
Has toiled in aims as high as man may dare,
Fulfilment’s open gates give promise fair,
But from those everlasting depths comes driving,
A fiery blast that takes us unaware:
We thought to light life’s torch, but now, depriving
Our highest hope, a sea of fire surrounds us.
Such fire! Of love? or the fierce glow of hate?
The blend of joy and sorrow that confounds us,
Sends us to earth to veil our troubled state.
For benefice of Spring, we supplicate."


from Becoming, released July 17, 2014
Featuring Osyrus Bolly



all rights reserved


Jessica Lauren Little Rock, Arkansas

Jessica Lauren is an actor, singer, song-writer, and all-around entertainer. Through art and activism she lives to connect people to one another and to leave this world better than she found it.

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